Mini No-Knead Pizzas

If you could choose between one giant pizza with your favorite topping or many, many (16, exactly) little pizzas with lots of different combinations of toppings, what would you chose? Hands down, I’d chose the mini pizzas, for two reasons: their undeniable cuteness and the variety.


To me, it was a no brainer, taking a batch of no-knead dough and forming 16 tiny balls for 16 tiny pizzas. Making 16 minis meant that I could come up with what seemed like infinite pizza topping combos. I had a ton of fun chatting about it with Mike; it’s one of my favorite things to do, wandering around with him and shooting the shit about random food ideas. Sometimes Mike indulges me – it can get pretty boring talking about food all the time, or so he tells me – and when he does, I get pretty into it.

The other day, we did just that: went on a little walk, where I went on and on excitedly about food, looking at the sky, not watching where I was walking. Inevitably, I tripped over my own two feet. Mike caught me before I fell (he always catches me) and said this gem of line:



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