Sour Cream and Cheddar Drop Biscuit Breakfast Sandwiches

I have a thing for biscuits. Or scones. Actually I’m not sure what the difference is between biscuits and scones. Regardless of what they’re called, they’re delicious and I pretty much eat them indiscriminately. I’ll randomly get an intense biscuit/scone craving and I’ll go on searches for the best in town.


Sometimes I think scones/biscuits are best at home because nothing beats a hot out of the oven biscuit. Then I happen across a place like this little bakery in Tokyo, where the scones have smiles and I think otherwise. Japan is just over the top cute with their baked goods. I tried to cute-ify these little breakfast sandwiches by making them mini and even though they don’t have their own smiles, they sure brought a smile to my face.

These guys are perfect for when a biscuit craving hits. It’s a lot faster than doing research and finding a scone/biscuit joint. Just think, you’re about 30 minutes away from warm and fluffy biscuit heaven! And, bonus: the biscuits are made in one bowl and you don’t have to roll them out. Drop scones are perfect when you don’t want to dirty any dishes. I stuffed these guys with some thin, crepe-like folded eggs, but they taste awesome as is, especially when straight out of the oven. They’re tender, moist (yup, I said moist!), and absolutely addictive.



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